mengenai saya

First discovered by Ramona Rahman a decade ago, Chedd became a familiar face on TV with supporting roles in TV dramas and comedies, along with several hosting stints and was also the vocal warm-up tutor for the widely popular singing competition, Akademi Fantasia 5 and was part of Tiara’s team during season 7. He also created and co-directed AF7’s ROKET : Destinasi Bintang and the co-creator of the award-winning MUD the Story of Kuala Lumpur , currently the longest running musical in Malaysia

Chedd was part of the original Puteri Gunung Ledang the Musical (PGLM) ensemble before landing the supporting role as P. Ramlee’s best friend, Sukardi, in P. Ramlee the Musical. As Sukardi, he was nominated for the Best Actor in a Supporting Role at the 6th BOH Cameronian Arts Awards. For Season 3 of PGLM, Chedd wore a different hat as Assistant Director, Bendahara and understudy for Hang Tuah and again as Assistant Director for the award-winning The Secret Life Of Nora in 2011.

Currently the Head of Creative for Enfiniti Vision Media he has helped in creating major campaigns and creative products such as flash-mobs, corporate events, international soirée, product branding, national level events and even a creative concept for a theme park. His first musical was as the lead antagonist in My Bollywood Summer at Panggung Bandaraya.


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